Where are we going?

Spain into Portugal 017I believe that human beings have affected climate change. Some people don’t. It’s irrelevant really. What can’t be disputed is the fact that our ecosystem is being messed up on a very large scale by the things that we are doing to it. Destruction, devastation, depletion – these are formidable words that accurately describe how human beings have treated, and still treat, the natural environment. So whether or not you believe that climate change is affected by human action, you can’t deny that actions such as chopping down forests and draining wetlands might not be a good idea in the long run when we are so dependent on a fully functioning ecosystem to provide for us and even protect us.

As an individual I feel powerless to do very much to ensure that the beautiful world that I have grown up in will still be intact for my grandchildren to enjoy and appreciate in the not very distant future. But I have a voice and it’s my responsibility to use it.


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