Feed the Bees

Bees I have met

One of my annual tasks is to clean out an old boathouse ready for use during the summer. When I arrived I was rather alarmed. There were a large number of dead honey bees littered around over the floor and windowsills. I can only guess that they had somehow swarmed in the building but then couldn’t find a way out. I’m not expert enough to know. Of course, I felt sad that a potential hive of bees is now lost purely due to an accident, but bees in general are disappearing at an alarming rate probably due to the high use of insecticides and pesticides, disease and loss of habitat. It’s a strange thing, but the last few weeks I have been hankering after a bee hive, but this is something for the future. In the meantime I have decided to plant more bee-friendly flowers to at least do my bit in helping them survive.


The trapped bees

I found a useful link here for anyone who wants to know more: